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It's nice and soft but it doesn't last long

Fluffy yet firm

I am particular about my pillows - I love feather but it does not provide my neck with enough support and I occasionally wake up with a cricked neck. This pillow is a great alternative - whilst not as downy as real feathers, it nevertheless is fluffy, but yet firm enough to provide good neck support. I purchased the high loft king and am very pleased with the purchase.

Long fitted sheet

Nice quality material…….p

Can't wake up

These tencel sheets are so soft and comfy, I'm honestly finding it difficult to wake up in the mornings! And the forest green colour is gorgeous.


This BESPOKE memory foam pillow is a godsend! It's incredibly comfortable and supportive, and it has completely transformed my sleep quality and comfort. Now I can finally sleep better than a baby!!

So Happy

Was so glad to have found a place that sells good quality flat sheets! I had been looking for quite some time for a king flat sheet to replace a very worn one but every shop I had been to only sold fitted sheets. I’m used to having a flat sheet under my blanket so I kept looking until I found Kapas. The sheet came in good time and was very nicely packaged in a box. The material is definitely good quality cotton. What I especially like is the size of the sheet - it is generous and ample so the fold over the top of the blanket was big and stayed put throughout the night. This made for better, undisturbed sleep. A little suggestion: if the hem at the top of the sheet could be wider, like 5-6 inches wide, it would make the sheet look even better.

Comfy sleep

Smooth n comfortable feel, gives a better sleep experience !

Fluffy and soft

The pillow was very fluffy and soft, so comfortable that can easily fall asleep in 😴

CloudTENCEL™ waterproof mattress protector

I bought the king size mattress protector about 2 months ago, it’s so soft and comfy that I bought 2 more single plus size ones for my kids. They fitted perfectly. Love the material and the top/bottom/side labels. This is the best mattress protector I’ve ever used. Love the Kapas bedding sets too. Very satisfied with all my purchases.

Comfortable Duvet with Tencel cover

It is indeed a good purchase, the tencel cover gives a silky feel and it is very breathable, able to keep me warm but not hot. Overall it is a high quality product and I am considering more purchases

Superb quality, excellent service

Made my second and larger purchase with Kapas. We loved the cotton material and expanded the brand for our kids's beds too. I don't normally write reviews but this one deserves it. One of the sheets somehow had issues and the service responded to me (at nighttime too!) was prompt, was respectful and addressed the matter. You don't get much services like these nowadays.

Highly recommended brand. Can't go wrong here. Looking forward to seeing more products. Thanks so much!

Silky feel...

Super soft, silky feel. Great stuff! Will definitely purchase more!


Very Good material and perfect size for my 5'9 tall husband !

Tencel fitted bedsheet

It is very soft and cooling, best for hot weather.

No more neck pain and dizziness

I was suffering from severe neck pain and dizziness recently until I've found this pillow! It's so firm and comfortable, I never wake up in the midnight due to dizziness again. Thank you so much! 😍

Great product

Lots of pros:
Soft, warm, eco-friendly

Not so easy to dry after washing. It's taking up to 2 days to dry and then has a slight smell. It is recommended to avoid the dryer but the material soaks a lot of water on the delicate/easy care cycle. So I have to give it an extra spin and use the dryer on the easy mode. Hopefully it won't affect the quality.

Good product Good services

Good experienced for the first time purchase and will be looking forward in future. Thanks

Waterproof Mattress cover

The material is very soft and comfortable. I am very satisfied with the product.

Great Material

Fantastic quality, soft comfy and cooling . Good customer service too. Try it already sure want to buy again.

Tencel Duvets

I love the material as it is soft, comfortable and cooling.

I like your system allowing me to buy 2 bolster cover. It makes my bed nicer. Previously my bed always having 1 bolster cover in different color.

Good customer service

Fast response n provide solution

We love the product!

My daughter has severe eczema, and using Kapas for her bed set was one of the best buys ever.

Cotton duvet/quilt
Nazier Bin Seman
Soft and Comfort

My wife like this duvet and my sleep also improved

Cotton duvet/quilt
Pei Ying Kwan

Very soft & nice to use. Good material, good quality.

Very good blankets, just need to use them a bit more before I can really say what I think

I got the waffle blanket, and while it certainly is high quality, I'm not yet sure what I think of them. Have been using them for a couple of weeks, and they certainly are soft and comfortable and breathe well. It's been especially hot in KL these days. However, they are fuzzier than I expected; somehow I thought they would be more silky smooth—this isn't a criticism, it's just for some reason, I thought they would feel a bit different. I think I just need to use them a bit longer before I can say if they are great, and if I full heartedly recommend them. But am quite happy with my purchase.